It’s Sunday… and the weather is a 10! Looking for a nice little drive? Here are six Sunday drives, each a little different but all within a few hours of home. From backroads and small Southern towns to the affluent city neighborhoods of old Atlanta, these drives are full of history, lovely scenery, and interesting sites to explore if you choose. Enjoy—after all, the drive is the destination!



Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park

Drive through the rolling mountains, forests, creeks, and waterfalls that make up Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park. Layers of human history have left its imprint on these 10,000 acres, straddling the pine and laurel slopes of Pine Mountain. Creek Indians once roamed this land, using a buffalo trail that followed the natural gap through the mountain. Their village stood in the vicinity of today’s Liberty Bell Pool.


   In the early 1800s, a trader named King pitched his tent near where the Roosevelt Memorial Bridge now spans the gap. His trade with the Creeks lasted until they ceded their land to the state of Georgia and were forced west of the Chattahoochee River. King stayed and established a trading post where the Indian village had been. Soon white settlers moved through the gap, and a frontier town sprang up around the trading post. They named it King’s Gap.


   By the time Franklin D. Roosevelt came to the Little White House at nearby Warm Springs in 1932, the country was suffering from the Great Depression. Many of Roosevelt’s ideas to help hungry, jobless Americans took shape as he picnicked at Dowdell’s Knob, where a statue of the President now stands.


   Using picks, shovels, and wheelbarrows—not machinery—the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) dug Lake Delano and Lake Franklin. The less machinery used, the more hands needed—all part of Roosevelt’s plan to create jobs for unemployed young men. The CCC built the entire park—lakes, cabins, group camps, inn, pool, bathhouse, the bridge, fish hatcheries, hiking trails, roads, spring houses, and the boathouse. The park was national property until 1942 when it became a state park.

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